CTA retina display support


HubSpot automatically compresses images, CTAs - either custom image or the out of the box Hubspot stylings -- do not look crisp, clear and high-res on retina displays.



Add support for retina and otherwise address the image quality loss in CTAs.

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Couldn't agree more. Hubspot, please reopen this. 

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Just to add my voice to this idea / issue. We've managed to resolve our resolution issues, but is not ideal - and now face the same with CTA buttons. Makes no sense for these to look nice and crisp when you're creating them, only to appear fizzy on delivery to customers/prospects?! 😕

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Ya.... Been working on this for far too long. Ridiculous... My work around: Created own image button, inserted it in a rich text module, and linked it... 


Looks clear and achieves desired reults, but essentially renders CTAs pointless. 

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How about Hubspot disable automatic resizing and provide an option to enable when necessary? This should apply to Blogs, Pages, and Emails where needed.


Signed up to Hubspot Community to specifically comment on this issue.


When creating Emails, the image quailty is horrendous. There is currently no work around.

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I managed to find a workaround.


- Use an HTML module and add `?noresize` to image path.


Issue should still be addressed. Ideally there should be no technical know how to bypass Hubspot image resizing. Our marketing team should be able to handle this without complication once template has been built.

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Upvote! This has been an extremely frustrating issue for our team both for images and CTAs. There definitely needs to be a fix!