CTA retina display support


HubSpot automatically compresses images, CTAs - either custom image or the out of the box Hubspot stylings -- do not look crisp, clear and high-res on retina displays.



Add support for retina and otherwise address the image quality loss in CTAs.

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@everyone in this thread, send a support ticket. I did again yesterday and got this response:


"Just want to let you know I've been looking deeply into this case and I see that there isn't a timeline on when this will be rolled up"


This is ridiculous and they need to be pushed hard. CTAs is the heart of conversion which an inbound marketing company should take ALL EFFORT to optimize, instead they are dragging their feet. They need to be pushed hard!

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I agree 100%. This is absolutely necessary in this day and age. I have clients that are unhappy with the low quality display on retina screens. It's an issue for both web and email. We're having to use workarounds which clients aren't happy about since they're paying for HubSpot and expecting good quality. Please fix!

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Experiencing the same here. I get email envy every time I get an email from another email client that has clear CTA's. Why is this still a problem in 2018? HubSpot please get on this! 

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Working on a Mailing Template for a customer and I cant believe that retina displays are not supported! This is really a must have. It makes hubspot mailings look absoultely unprofessional on mobile.


And the worst thing about this is: I can't even figure out how to upvote this idea (One would think that it could be done by clicking on the upvote count... but... ehm.. no... that just shows a list of all people who have upvoted and no further options. What an amazing user experience! Not...)

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Beta

Hi all, some really good news here, after a substantial amount of research and work to rebuild CTAs we now have a beta of a re-implemented image rendering for CTAs that supports retina optimisation right out of the box. We'll be rolling this out to all customers over the course of the next few weeks. Stay tuned Smiley Very Happy

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Great news. Smiley Happy


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This is really fantastic news!  Thanks for the update, Shay - and thanks to the dev team for tackling this.  

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 Yes, fix this ASAP.


Our clients are extremely annoyed by this and I can only agree.