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CTA performance tab for blog posts

Let's face it, navigating the CTA page to find how specific CTAs are performing on specific articles is cumbersome. How about just adding a CTA performance tab to the content details page? This is much more intuitive and gives marketers quick insights into CTA performance.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 9.15.34 AM.png

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Hi HubSpot Community,


My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I've been in contact with the HubSpot product team about this Idea, and I wanted to provide a quick update.


We appreciate all the feedback you’ve shared here to help our team evaluate this feature request. However, at this time, this functionality is not something our team is planning to build into HubSpot. This is certainly subject to change in the future, so feel free to leave feedback if you'd like. We'll update this thread if our plans change.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hello HubSpot Community,


I'm Dom and I’m a Product Manager at HubSpot. I’m really interested in finding out how folks are currently using CTAs, what’s working, what’s not working and what new functionality you’d like to see in the future. Please DM me if you’re interested in sharing your feedback and jumping on a quick 30 min call with myself and the team.




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Following up on this - I think this would be helpful data to collect/show, especially if you have multiple CTAs listed throughout longer web pages and want to see how each performs across different pages. The current CTA data is extremely limited without this page-specific data.


Hubspot used to have this feature. It was INCREDIBLY useful...and then without warning or reason, they just removed it one day despite many petitions (i.e. forum posts) like this one asking to get it back. Very disappointing as it feels like we get the runaround on this topic and are always directed to upvote the topic in forums. It's been about 4 years now that I check in every couple months to see if there is a status update on this topic... but alas, nothing.