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CTA in signitures

I don't know about you but one of the most underrated things is the standard email signature. Why are we stuck using images and updating them in the traditional way? adding a CTA to signatures allows you to update the CTA in real-time, track what ideas and promotions are working and provide smart links. 


I have managed to add a CTA to our outlook signature and it works for images - update a CTA image it changes ( and that is powerful being able to change all signatures at once and any signature from sent emails updates to the latest promotion) smart links work. 

The only catch is the tracking doesn't work, the response I received is that's not what CTAs were originally designed for, but so what? this is so powerful and could bring signatures into a new era. Ironically the most issue I had was adding the CTA to Hubspot. some of the team have been great helping me with that but it needs to go to the next level and be available for all businesses. 

Hubspot please spend time on this I don't think it would take much development time but it changes the way businesses think about signatures. 

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We just implemented a whole corporate-wide signature solution and got our Hubspot CTA embedded in...ONLY to find out that tracking doesn't work.


Sooooooo sad.




I know Right is so simple, so powerful and I feel it would not be much work to implement the tracking correctly