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CTA Performance Stats on Blog Posts

Our content team used to heavily utilize the CTA performance tab on blog posts to understand how specific call to actions were performing paired with the specific content on that page. 


If a call to action was not performing well, we would change it out to a different CTA that might better fit the content.  


We used to be able to go to "optimization" within the blog and then clearly see the % rate that visitors were clicking into CTAs. Could put the feature back?


I understand the need to fully optimize blog posts for SEO, but by forcing us to go to 

Marketing --> Lead Capture --> CTAs, to look at performance, we lose all sense of performance by content piece. 


You can see which pages the CTA is placed on, but it does not show performance. 

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The blog optimization tab used to contain a section for CTA's and it would list the CTA's in the section. We relied heavily on the report to know what ctas people are clicking in our blogs. Now we have to figure out what CTA's are in each blog and then go into the CTA tool to find it.  Please put it back!!!


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New Contributor

Agency partner here, this was a pretty crucial reporting piece. It's easy to see placement performance by CTA now, but we also need to be able to compare performance of different CTAs on the same blog.

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Yes! We definitely need this functionality back in the product on the blog page. It was very useful for our team and now we are essentially flying blind. 

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Bring this back as it has broken client reporting workflows to measure onpage CTA performance. Going into the CTA tool is cumbersome and not effecient. 

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 I used this functionality for reporting purposes in order to see what my customers are clicking on and how those clicks are trending month over month. Please bring this feature back.