CTA API to grab existing CTA Name & Embed Code

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I could see this being used for customers using other CMS tools such as modx, wordpress, expression engine or whatever your favorite CMS flavor is. It would enable a developer to create a plugin, module, snippet etc to pull in the CTA Name and Embed Code for use in the CMS. That would give the ability to a content editor to choose a Hubspot CTA from a list to include on a page, blog entry, etc that coincides with the content presented without leaving their CMS tool. Thoughts? We would love to create the modx version, for free use of course. Would anyone want this API for their favorite CMS flavor?

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I'd love to have this ability for my dev team. Using CTAs and Smart Content without the COS would be awesome. 

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This would be a fantastic integration to have, at the moment we populate the CMS with a collection of CTA embed codes. Then render each CTA on to the page to create an archive.


I'm sure performance would be a lot better if we would just query for them. Plus maintenance of the archive would be a lot easier.

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We would defenitely benefit from such API as well. 

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It will be good to have a CTA API that enables us to do the following


1. Extract the top CTA clicks by name, clicks, and CTR

2. Share the above breakdown by the page URL from which the CTA was clicked.