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CSS editing for Knowledge Base

Need the ability to fully customise the appearance of the Knowledge Base by editing the CSS.


Also it would be great to have an option to install a theme (either off-the-shelf from HubSpot partners, or custom-designed).

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Being Reviewed
April 22, 2020 03:32 AM

We are currently reviewing bringing custom CSS to the Knowledge Base and will provide more information on the status of this feature as soon as its available.

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This would be great! We want to add a button in our navigation, but due to the lack of customization the button is not clear for our users.


Hi! Would like an update once this becomes avialable please.


I just launched HubSpot Service and the Knowledge Base recently and I am so upset at the lack of customization. I can't even change the fonts or anything... looks completely different than the rest of my website 👎


I need: Website Header and Footer html

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Yes! I could really use this, in my current project this is almost the most important part of the whole site... Hope this feature gets added real soon!

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Hi HubSpot,

We need the ability to fully customise the appearance of the Knowledge Base by editing the CSS and HTML.

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Hi team,


commenting for a customer here.

Been bout a year, can we have an update? thanks!


Good day Hubspot community,


As others have expressed, the ability to edit the KB templates is absolutely critical for a variety of reasons.


Please allow some basic editing options (e.g. CSS) so we can start to achieve what needs to be updated.


Thank you again!

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100% this is needed 🙂 

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Hi team:

I hate to pile on but I have a customer going all-in on the knowledge base. They are adding over 100 articles. 

All they want is the header and navigation modified, the ability to put contact us in the nav.

And it would be nice to suck word doc text in if possible.


Anyway, they are copying and pasting their little hearts out. I can only do a tiny bit for them.

They would also like to tag the whole thing as "not searchable" by google. But I can't touch the footer.

What's a girl to do.

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We need it urgently! A simple custom CSS gives me the freedom to transform the page 100%. Releasing a custom CSS in place to a Knowledgebase would transform a lot for the better.


Another important issue would be to have a navigation menu with more options in the header.


Please HubSpot! 🙏


Crazy how in 2021 we have a platform that isn't responive or customisable.. Looks like this has been in the works for almost a year. 

Come on HubSpot better your platform, considering your marketing hub has this available and knowledge base doesn't just isn't acceptable, its 2021!


@goconnor are there any new updates on this feature being added on the road map?


Urgently needed. Otherwise I see no reason in HubSpot service professional... 😕


Being able to customize the CSS of the knowledge base would be a dream. Therefore we would have the possibility to implement the database exactly according to our taste and the needs of the customers.
I just wrote to the support and got the info that the feature is already in the review. Let's hope that it will be released live as soon as possible.

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Yes, Custom CSS as a minimum requirement.


Is this still in review (since April 2020) or has there been functionality enabled to allow custom css?


I need to modify the template to make it match the branding of our company, in terms of how it all looks and feels - not just basic template settings. 

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Not being able to customize CSS or just add padding etc. is really frustrating. We now have an unhappy client just because we can't do basic stuff like this. We certainly won't be recommending it to other clients..


one of the absolutly needed basic settings for the knowledge base


100% agree with the rest. Having CCS customization is a deal breaker. Template editing it's not nearly enough.

HubSpot knowledgebase doesn't use their own templates alone, that should tell you something about the need of it.