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CSS editing for Knowledge Base

Need the ability to fully customise the appearance of the Knowledge Base by editing the CSS.


Also it would be great to have an option to install a theme (either off-the-shelf from HubSpot partners, or custom-designed).

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I 100% agree that this needs to be a feature. At the least you should be able to modify the padding on the header so you can fall inline with brand guidelines related to spacing around your logo.


+1! One of the biggest issues we're having is around accessibility—as one example, our brand and link colors have to be in bold to have AA contrast. Without the ability to do that, we're getting a lot of pings on accessibility audits.


Editing the CMS for Knowledge base in Hubspot is very important - kind of useless when it's not editable and customizable

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We can't implement fundamental marketing pratices like keeping clear space around the logo (unless we make it tiny) or consistent header/footer across web assets with the current functionality. Even if category styling and Header styling were independent would help.


Please provide an update on this 'under review' status that is almost 2 years ago.






What's going on? This idea was suggested in 2018 and still no option to customize CSS. We are forced to build our own Help Centre website because it's currently very lackluster on Hubspot.


Absolutely crazy that this hasn't been implemented yet. KB templates NEED to be editable!

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I would like to see a feature that allows us to build our own page templates for the Knowledge Base. We could utilize the existing design manager functionality and simply build a new custom block to pull in the knowledge base articles into the template. We could then choose the template we are using under settings to apply it to all pages.


This seems like it would be the best option as it would enable users to change designs, adjust styles, allow them to change fonts, colors, padding around logos, etc so that their brand standards can be followed. It would allow allow them to add javascript files to pages so that external live chat tools can be used on their knowledgebase site. This is a stumbling block for a few clients that want to replace their contact us page with the knoweldgebase but they use an extenal live chat tool. 


This approach would also allow us to customize the header and footer content which is so restricting at the moment.


This is something that would really help improve the knowledge base. Thanks for considering it.


Please let us know when knowledge base customization will make it's way to the design tools. HubSpot's own knowledge base uses more of the browser real estate than what is provided for our portals. For example HubSpot's overall width is 1214 px compared to 1042 px that we have available. The actual content area of the article is 894 px for HubSpot and only 681 px for us. This makes viewing screenshots necessary for our documentation very small and not readable. It would also be good to have a lightbox capability for such images that need more browser real estate to become readable.


Having control over this CSS is necessary as HubSpot's templates are not providing us with the look and feel that we are seeking.

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I think it would be next level to have an "expansion pack" for themes that include templates for the knowledge base. Something that didn't have to be part of existing themes, just add-on for those with the theme, run off the theme settings, etc., but have the templates needed to customise the knowledge base beyond CSS. Since not all users need or use knowledge base, I don't think it should be included in themes to avoid confusion ("I thought it was a page template I could use as a website page") but very clear that it is for the knowledge base only.