CSS editing for Knowledge Base

Need the ability to fully customise the appearance of the Knowledge Base by editing the CSS.


Also it would be great to have an option to install a theme (either off-the-shelf from HubSpot partners, or custom-designed).

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We are looking for just even a simple way to add a "Submit a Request" button in the header, but we have no way to implement it.

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Hi, i've the same need as @MaApruveFintech ! 

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This is a must! Upvoted!

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I'd rather that this follow the "Design Tool" methodology, and use the built in templating HubSpot already offers for the rest of the system. This ways themes can be extended, CSS matched, and efforts lessened.


The request itself is definitely a nice ask. Any way we can get it, we need to be able to modify stuff. I hate that we have a serif font for the main text, when we use a sans serif (Roboto) font everywhere else on our site.

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Especially having a Serif Font as main font does make the page look really strange.

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I can't believe we even need to request this!?!

Why is this done differently than email and page customization?

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I noticed that the available options when an image is added to a KB article is either "Options" or "Replace". There's no clear way to remove an image at the moment, unlike with videos. Would be great if we could also edit the source code of KB articles like blog posts and landing pages! 

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Agreed! The Knowledge Base is supposed to be a key feature of the Flywheel methodology, and when we can't match the KB with the rest of our Hubspot-hosted CMS site it degrades the overall appearance of our company. The KB is so far away from anything we want associated to us that we have not formally taken on the initiative to build it out.


This needs to follow the same path in Design Tools as the Blog and CMS. Give us ultimate flexibility with this to create eye-catching, user-friendly Knowledge Base articles on a top-tier appearing KB home page so that we can use Hubspot for the Flywheel methodology that we became attracted to Hubspot over in the first place.


This feature is an absolute must for us. At least make this available to Professional + Enterprise.

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I agree. You should be able to customize the layout, theme, template, css of the KB just like any other page.   If we could create our own hosted page and add the KB modules that would be great.

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This would be very, very useful. Customization right now is severly limited and is a big pain point in our adoption of Hubspot.