CRM Deal Import - automatically associate products

Products is new - but data entry for products takes a lot of time - especially when we have excel lists of partners who purchased X products during Y month. With the products feature, the CRM will now automatically calculate the value of the products, instead of having to compare them with a price list.


Please add the ability to associate products with a deal in a CRM deal import.


Of course, I would expect deal imports to attach companies/contacts before this idea would be developed. 

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I would like to see a way to import the relevant products to deals.

We've created products so those will be used going forward, but we need to update existing deals with these products and it would have been way easier to do it on a spreadsheet and then import @hroberts

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HubSpot Product Team
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I agree

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Need this option too


Make it happen. This seems like it should have been updated last year...

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Calling for this option. Please share the timeline if there is.

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Yes, this would be an amazing feature to have for switching historical deals from a custom property of Product to using this awesome new Products tool.