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CRM Deal Import - Automatically Associate with Contacts

We need the ability to automatically associate deals with contacts/companies during the import process.


We have thousands of deals that have been completed for the current year.  Our service is provided on an annual basis.  We need the ability to create new deals that incorporate some properties from our completed deals in the prior year.  It appears this is easy, as we can export our completed deals, make the necessary changes in Excel, and them re-import into HubSpot.


However, there is not currently the ability to automatically associate the imported deals with their contacts/companies.  Doing this manually in not a viable option due to the high number of deals.  

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February 20, 2019 01:40 PM

As of the end of 2018, this is live in all portals! Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

Re: CRM Deal Import - Automatically Associate with Contacts
September 13, 2018 09:06 AM
Re: CRM Deal Import - Automatically Associate with Contacts - changed to: In Beta
September 11, 2018 02:02 PM

Re: CRM Deal Import - Automatically Associate with Contacts
August 29, 2018 12:53 PM

Hi all,

Thank you very much for your patience on this issue. But, I'm excited to let you all know that the ability to associate objects on import is currently in a private beta. If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form to gain access to the beta and we will be in contact if our beta product is a good fit for you. Please provide as much detail as possible. 


Thank you! 

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April 04, 2017 01:15 PM

We are planning several improvements to importing in HubSpot. One of the big ones is making it possible to associate contacts, companies, deals and activities (notes, emails, calls, meetings, tasks) to each other during import. This functionality is currenlty possible through HubSpot's APIs, but we want to make it easier for everyone to doas part of our import flow.

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Definitly a must have! Doing one by one does not saves anyone's time which is the primary promise of hubspot. 


One would think that a "CRM" would allow you to associate deals with contacts automatically.  Basic database relationship.  Step it up Hubspot.


We need to bulk upload deals every month, but at the moment we have to attach the deals manually to each contact, as you can't upload emails onto the deals. This obviously takes a lot of time!


Is this something Husbpot would consider changing?


We are also in need of this feature. It has been10months since the ticket was created. Any updates?


@FTSunny, see my previous replies regarding working with Import2.


@confidentmac, Import2 starts out at $500 for only 10,000 records. This is not a viable option for me. Especially when I'm already paying for Hubspot and this is a very simple database relationship feature. Any update on when this will be available?



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@Dustin-T The Import2 Wizard has a different pricing structure than the full-service migration you refer to. It is only $100 for 25,000 credits (or free for smaller files!)


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, we're happy to help


Hi all, same issue.


We have files with around 3000 contacts and 3000 deals. Ashley, I sent you an email at import2. The issue is the matching when the data is in hubspot of course, because we currently operate the data in excel and can have the deals and the contacts files ready (but which column would be used for the match ?). I don't know if Import2 or other tools can work directly in hubspot to merge the files.






This is a MUST for our business. I am having to manually assign deals and it's incredibly time-consuming and messing up our reporting. 


This is total bull**bleep**. Hubspot has been telling me that they would have this "elementary CRM issue" good to go since 2015!!! Get it together Hubspot!! It's 2018 and we cant upload deals with associated contacts??? Unbelievable.... 

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@Julia8888 Thanks for your email, looking forward to connecting with you! To answer for others here, yes, we can update existing data in Hubspot using your .csv file(s). As long as there is some unique identifier in your file (i.e. name, ID, email, phone, etc.) we can use whichever you need to match to your existing data and update those records for you.


Hope this helps! 


Well...this feature is really a must. I didn't even think the premium CRM tool didn't asociated companies with deals. 

There is no way this is acceptable in any way. It's like having a car without one wheel. You still can sit in the car, but not going anywhere.


I'm brand new to Hubspot and only using it becuase it is free because I work for a small company with limited resources. The fact that you can't associate Deals (equivalent of Salesforce Opportunities) to Companies (Salesforce Accounts) on import is ridiculous. This should be foundational to any CRM. If I had the resources to use the Hubspot API's, I probably wouldn't nee d a free service.



What is going on with this!?

This feature is an absolute must!

Please advise what is going on with this.

Clearly this is a major pain for your exisiting user base.


This is not just a nice to have. It is absolutely mandatory capability, and quite ridiculous that it does not already exist. This should be a high priority. What gives that this is still not possible?

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Hi there!


As I pointed before, you may take a loot at Data2CRM. This service offers a CRM data import across different systems directly to HubSpot CRM together with the relations. Moreover, it provides the free demo import (allows to migrate some part of you data), users and module mapping, as well as possibility to restart migration over. 


Hope, my comment will be useful, thanks!

With repsect!


Hi there!


Isn't it ironic that HubSpot forces users to access another 3rd party service to provide a service that is standard for most other CRM's?

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The beta update (copy contact do deal property and set deal property in workflows) is now rolled out for all accounts. For me, now it´s doing the trick and will save a lot of time!

Anyone else saw it?




Thanks @Bruamico

But that doesn't really help with the Deal Values directly. 

If it does, any help on how would be amazing!

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@tkulyk, for me, it was hard to set and/or copy contact properties to deals. For example, if i want to set a deal origin per channel (ex:form page or social), or copy some form field into the deal, i couldn´t do it. With this upgrade, this is better now.


What is exactly your issue?