CRM Deal Import - Automatically Associate with Contacts

We need the ability to automatically associate deals with contacts/companies during the import process.


We have thousands of deals that have been completed for the current year.  Our service is provided on an annual basis.  We need the ability to create new deals that incorporate some properties from our completed deals in the prior year.  It appears this is easy, as we can export our completed deals, make the necessary changes in Excel, and them re-import into HubSpot.


However, there is not currently the ability to automatically associate the imported deals with their contacts/companies.  Doing this manually in not a viable option due to the high number of deals.  

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@AndyPitre What is the ETA for the automatic Deal->Contact association feature?


I'm loving Hubspot so far but this would save us literally hundreds of hours!


Looking forward to an update.






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Contact Ashley Milne at Import2 for help with this in the meantime.

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I have the same issue. As much as Hubspot helps me to be more efficient, this missing feature takes it all off again. Another option or something related to this, is to automatically roll up deals that are associated to contacts to the higher hierarchy which would be the company.

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Ashley Milne at Import2 reached out to me two weeks ago and offered to import my deals into Hubspot and associate them with Companies/Contacts using a new tool they're developing. I had 750 deals from the last few years that I wanted to import so I could start doing some analysis on my customers.


Import2 did a great job with this import! They even shared reporting errors that helped me resolve some inconsistencies with contact info in my database, and rolled back and reimported my lot after I'd corrected the errors.


I hope Hubspot is able to grow from a partnership with Import2, or if Import2 is open-sourcing the code, or by acquiring the tool, or some other scenario that improves the lives of its customers.

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Certainly a feature that is needed in the system. Would save a lot of time!


Just spent three hours creating a database and adding properties and was ready to import.

Finding out that I can't import Companies and Contacts at the same time is a deal breaker for me.

I was hoping to bring on 5-10 users to start off but doesn't look like that's happening.

Can't believe that in this day and age you don't have the ability to do that.

Salesforce it is 

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@datafreak Did you see my post two before you? Are you needing to import deals regularly or just right now with your data archive?

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Any estimated time for having this working? It would be a huge help! Thanks.

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Once again, contact Import2 for this service for now.

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Hi @azoreslabs I think you may also try to use Data2CRM service, it's worth to try! With respect!