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CRM Deal Import - Automatically Associate with Contacts

We need the ability to automatically associate deals with contacts/companies during the import process.


We have thousands of deals that have been completed for the current year.  Our service is provided on an annual basis.  We need the ability to create new deals that incorporate some properties from our completed deals in the prior year.  It appears this is easy, as we can export our completed deals, make the necessary changes in Excel, and them re-import into HubSpot.


However, there is not currently the ability to automatically associate the imported deals with their contacts/companies.  Doing this manually in not a viable option due to the high number of deals.  

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We would love to beta test this!!! Please let us!!

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This is now in Beta.  There is another similar post that has the information on how to get signed onto the Beta.


HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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As of the end of 2018, this is live in all portals! Thanks to everyone for the feedback.