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CRM Deal Import - Automatically Associate with Contacts

We need the ability to automatically associate deals with contacts/companies during the import process.


We have thousands of deals that have been completed for the current year.  Our service is provided on an annual basis.  We need the ability to create new deals that incorporate some properties from our completed deals in the prior year.  It appears this is easy, as we can export our completed deals, make the necessary changes in Excel, and them re-import into HubSpot.


However, there is not currently the ability to automatically associate the imported deals with their contacts/companies.  Doing this manually in not a viable option due to the high number of deals.  

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Hi there,


At this time it is not possible to associate Contacts and Deals during a CSV import into Hubspot. You would have to import them separately, and then manually associate them in Hubspot after. 


One option is to use API to import the data, so that you can retain the relationships between your records. We offer this as part of our standard data migrations. You can check out how this will work with a free sample here:




HubSpot Product Team

We are planning several improvements to importing in HubSpot. One of the big ones is making it possible to associate contacts, companies, deals and activities (notes, emails, calls, meetings, tasks) to each other during import. This functionality is currenlty possible through HubSpot's APIs, but we want to make it easier for everyone to doas part of our import flow.




Is there any update with this request? We need to associate thousands of contacts to deals.




What is the status of this?? I've been asking for this simple update for the better part of 2 years now and was told in June of 2016 that it would be finished by the end of the year... Here we are, mid 2017 and still nothing.. 😞


For a company that imports hundreds of deals a day for their team to call on, manually adding them on every deal is crazy and cuts our production in half. Not to mention it prevents us from being able to automate workflows, call our Evangelist first (we have no way of knowing until we manually add them) or take advantage of the call queue.


Please, please PLEASE with a cherry on top let's make this happen! Please 🙂

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 Hi! This feature is extremely important! The same with excel spreadsheets, we need to be able to import deals and associate them with companies and contacts contained in the data. The same with deal creation, sales reps should be able to add deal, company and contacts import in the same screen.


I'm evaluating different CRM options. I have more than 1,000 contacts to import. If there's not a way to automatically associate them with companies that will be a deal breaker... 

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One more tool to consider is data2crm, the service offers automatical CRM data import using API, so there is no need to manual data export/import. Feel free to mail me for more info.


Regards, Ivan


This has been and continues to be one of my greatest frustrations as a Sales User in HubSpot. This should be pretty basic considering each deal does have an associated Deal ID. 


We also have thousands of deals that we can easily update via a spreadsheet, but then have to painstakingly update those manually back into HubSpot b/c they can't handle basic de-duplication on an import. Painful!


I was hoping to start doing some important analysis of customer relationships, including tracking how much they're spending over time and how often they're coming back for more. However, I cannot until I can import deals directly associated with each customer.


I hope this will be implemented soon. Not only is Import2 priced well out of my budget, it doesn't support FreshBooks, my current invoicing system.


@AndyPitre What is the ETA for the automatic Deal->Contact association feature?


I'm loving Hubspot so far but this would save us literally hundreds of hours!


Looking forward to an update.







Contact Ashley Milne at Import2 for help with this in the meantime.


I have the same issue. As much as Hubspot helps me to be more efficient, this missing feature takes it all off again. Another option or something related to this, is to automatically roll up deals that are associated to contacts to the higher hierarchy which would be the company.


Ashley Milne at Import2 reached out to me two weeks ago and offered to import my deals into Hubspot and associate them with Companies/Contacts using a new tool they're developing. I had 750 deals from the last few years that I wanted to import so I could start doing some analysis on my customers.


Import2 did a great job with this import! They even shared reporting errors that helped me resolve some inconsistencies with contact info in my database, and rolled back and reimported my lot after I'd corrected the errors.


I hope Hubspot is able to grow from a partnership with Import2, or if Import2 is open-sourcing the code, or by acquiring the tool, or some other scenario that improves the lives of its customers.


Certainly a feature that is needed in the system. Would save a lot of time!


Just spent three hours creating a database and adding properties and was ready to import.

Finding out that I can't import Companies and Contacts at the same time is a deal breaker for me.

I was hoping to bring on 5-10 users to start off but doesn't look like that's happening.

Can't believe that in this day and age you don't have the ability to do that.

Salesforce it is 


@datafreak Did you see my post two before you? Are you needing to import deals regularly or just right now with your data archive?


Any estimated time for having this working? It would be a huge help! Thanks.


Once again, contact Import2 for this service for now.

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Hi @azoreslabs I think you may also try to use Data2CRM service, it's worth to try! With respect!