CRM Cards - Ability to add a simple text and action card

The CRM Cards are a great tool for my custom apps, but I don't always need a card to return data on a contact. There are times when I would just like a card with a sentence or 2 of text and my action, for example when my action is to open an iframe pulling in my 3rd party system.


It would be great if there were an alternative to the normal cards we have now, maybe called Simple CRM Cards or something like that. Ideally these would not revolve around fetching any data, and would just be for simple actions, similar to how the native Hubspot cards look and function.


See this example image below. I would love my card at the very bottom to look like Workflow Memberships or Playbooks. Right now using the current CRM Cards my card looks a little strange with all of the extra padding and I cannot add text to it. It also has that (0) in the title which is irrelevant because I am not fetching any data other than the contact id to pass to my iframe action.


Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 9.33.40 AM.png

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