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CRM Calendar without External Invites

We would love a way to book calendar appointments for our sales team (either in some kind of native hubspot calendar or synced to Outlook) that is synced to a contact without sending a calendar invite to that contact. We send our own appointment confirmation emails and leads find the double email annoying and confusing. 


(Our work-around solution at the moment: we're scheduling the appointment on our outlook calendars and manually logging the meeting with the contact. It's double work.)

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I believe you can already do so by setting as only attendee yourself. 

Not sure if it's the most efficient way, but it works


Hi ABACCARIN - Unfortunately, when you just invite yourself, it doesn't sync up to the contact's page. You still have to manually log the meeting as a separate action. There should be a way--with one action--to schedule the meeting on the calendar AND have it appear on the contact's page WITHOUT sending the contact an email invitation.