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COVID-19 - Exclude company users from page view tracking statistics with custom header

Since almost everyone is confined to their homes, it is very difficult to exclude employee views from pages view statistics tracked by Hubspot.


It is already possible to exclude IP addresses, but this poses several problems:
- not everyone has a fixed IP
- employees may need to change their connection
- marketing staff has to list and then add every IPs to the exclude list


This problem was already present for companies employing teleworkers so it will continue to be an issue even with the end of the present COVID-19 situation.


It would be very convenient to be able to exclude users from the statistics based on a custom http header that would be sent with each request.


This header would be injected using a Firefox or Chrome extension on the domains that we would like to visit without contributing to the statistics:
- Firefox
- Chrome


Suggested name:
- X-Hubspot-Exclude="*,"


This header would be processed by Hubspot, during a visit on one of the corresponding domains, the view statistics would not be updated.

PS: the solution could also be cookie based

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yes please !


Would be very helpful even during normal circumstances!


Like the idea! I have the same issue that it is difficult to estimate how own staff website visits contribute to total statistics.