COS URL Mapping & Content Staging

When publishing a staged page to the live domain, HubSpot would create a COS URL Mapping of the following newly created archive page: which will redirect to /new-page 


However, HubSpot should automiatcally create a COS URL Mapping of to /new-page 


It seems pointless for HubSpot to create a COS URL Mapping to a URL that was never live in the first place. I am not sure why it does this, as it should create one to the current live page (without the archive)


I had to manually add a COS URL Mapping as HubSpot only mapped the -archived page (which was never live in the first place). When you are publishing 20+ staged pages with URL updates, it is a time consuming process to ensure all old URLS redirect. No point redirecting the -archive pages.

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COS URL Mapping & Content StagingHubSpot Product Team
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Apr 30, 2018

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HubSpot Product Team
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