CES Survey should not send if bumped out of Closed

We ran a test where we emailed our support email which automatically creates a ticket. We then "Closed" the ticket at 2:35PM PDT. After, we had the tester email into the same thread at 2:36PM PDT which automatically bumped the ticket out of "Closed" into "Waiting on us" where it stayed.


However the survey, which is set to a 1-hour delay, still sent at 3:35PM PDT.


This feels as though it's a bug/oversight. The survey should not send out unless it's still "Closed" after the set wait time.

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Hi @DA-Bryan,


Thank you for your feedback.  With the way customer support surveys are programmed, there isn't a secondary step between when the ticket is closed and when the survey is sent to evaluate whether the ticket's status is still Closed.  


I agree that adding a secondary step here would bring nuance to the support survey process.  If you'd like, I am happy to move this suggestion over to our Ideas Forum so other customers and our product team can interact with it there.  

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Sure that would be great. I saw the Ideas section a little after I submitted, but didn't see a way to delete/move. Sorry still learning all of this.

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Hi @DA-Bryan,


No apologies necessary!  I'll move this over right now.  Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us!  

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I would like to add secondary support for expansion of this feature.   We have our survey delay set to one day, but it has lead to a number of false negative responses from customers who have replied within that period of time, re-opened the case and we are continuing to work with them but they then get the survey, leading to an impression we've reclosed the ticket without an appropriate solution.


Our stopgap in the meantime is to greately increase the delay after sending, but having the survey check the current case status prior to sending would be a very welcome feature as we'd generaly prefer to send a survey within 24 hours to ensure the experience is fresh in the customers mind.