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CC in Sequences

Hi, we get a lot of overseas enquiries, the process to enrol an overseas student is quite complex & labour intensive. We get many many enquiries, the conversion rate is very low. The first email is a response to their enquiry.  

I have setup a sequence, the

1st is the email with all the details, the

2nd in the sequence is a follow up a week later, the

3rd is another follow up & the

4th is a final one saying I've sent u a few emails with no reply, so thank you & a link to our website. 

I want to CC another colleague in the sequence who will manage the enrolment if it happens. I am now forced to forward the email to them so they can make contact with with the prospective customer as I cannot CC them in the sequence.  Often there is no reply, I send a follow up & often there is no reply. I have found myself getting bogged down with setting up numerous contacts with no result, so.....  Hope this helps?

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February 28, 2021 08:55 AM

Hi Commmunity! An update here from the product team:


We are currently undergoing some major changes to the infrastructure of sequences to allow for a number of improvements, including the ability to enroll multiple contacts in sequences (CC, BCC, and TO:). Although we still plan to prioritize this work, it may still be several months before this functionality is available in beta. Thank you for your patience and participation in this thread, we are working hard to bring news of updates for you all as soon as we can!




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April 06, 2020 10:21 AM

Hi Community!


Our team is currently reviewing the ability to CC (or include multiple contacts in the "To" field when enrolling contacts into a sequence.


In review, we access the problem and potential ways a solution would work in HubSpot, both in terms of user experience, and technical feasibility. If anyone would like to be more involved in our discovery reaseach and/or beta testing. You can fill out this form:


I will update the status of this idea post as we learn more!




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We have many current-customer workflows where we need to CC someone on our team for collaboration. This feature would be immensely helpful. 🙂


This is VERY much needed. Thanks!



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Just got off the phone with yet another client who told me how easy this is to do on a cheap tool like Gmelius but they can't do it using their enterprise marketing suite from Hubspot. And I see that this has been requested for years. When can we get this functionality?????? Please!!


Our comapany is in the process of sending invoices out for next school year. We cannot send them to the financial contact for the school or district alone, we have to be able to CC our official Lead/Admin contact as well. We have a lot of scenarios that require us to CC a different contact in the world of Ed Tech.


We would like to be able to use a sequence to do this, but we need the ability to CC a contact. We are not able to use a sequence in June due to this. Please make it possible to CC a contact within a sequence.




When will they add this feature?!!! Basic, yet completely needed.


Upvote. This is so needed!!!


This would be huge... Our AEs send out prospecting sequences with BDRs copied in for phone follow up.   Adding cc to templates would be a big advantage.


Hey - there is not even a response of somebody from HS? With 51 Upvotes at least somebody should reply!


This is a major blocker for us right now to using sequence. Many of our events we'll meet multiple contacts from a prospect. It makes a follow-up less personal and genuine if we can't cc their colleague and end up emailing them separately. We're trialing cliently to see if that helps (they do allow sequence to not proceed in a sequence until the prior step is completed)


Up Vote for cc option in Templates and Sequences please!


Half-way through 2019 and this feature is still not available. It must have something to do with "shared" inbox and upgrading?


Yes please! 

BCC would be nice as well.


We are searching for a solution to this as well. We couldn't use the HubSpot - Salesforce integration because it would log duplicate activities in Salesforce. So we were hoping the BCC to Salesforce would do the trick. But, reps are only able to do this one at a time via Outlook. Not ideal... 

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Upvote ! Add this feature please ! 



Upvote - agreed that this would be very helpful as part of the client/partner onboarding process

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Could you pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiize investigate ? , a lot of clients of my portfolio are harrassing me for this ! 

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Upvote ! Add this feature please ! 

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Upvote ! Add this feature please.