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Hi, we get a lot of overseas enquiries, the process to enrol an overseas student is quite complex & labour intensive. We get many many enquiries, the conversion rate is very low. The first email is a response to their enquiry.  

I have setup a sequence, the

1st is the email with all the details, the

2nd in the sequence is a follow up a week later, the

3rd is another follow up & the

4th is a final one saying I've sent u a few emails with no reply, so thank you & a link to our website. 

I want to CC another colleague in the sequence who will manage the enrolment if it happens. I am now forced to forward the email to them so they can make contact with with the prospective customer as I cannot CC them in the sequence.  Often there is no reply, I send a follow up & often there is no reply. I have found myself getting bogged down with setting up numerous contacts with no result, so.....  Hope this helps?

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Man, I spoke to Hubspot about this a year ago. I need to cc my assistant on emails that I send out either from the CRM or from marketing. Usually, it's when I want to use Hubspot to do some scheduling and Hubspot meetings won't cut it. So, if I have 20 contacts I need to send to, I have manually insert each cc.


I'm putting up another feature request re: allowing cc's in sales templates. 

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Upvote!! This would help us out a lot. 

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Upvote! This would be extremely beneficial when onboarding new clients and having the ability to CC those

clients within a welcome sequence! 

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Can we please create this as a functionality?

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Yes, add this feature please!

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Yes, this is a very important feature that we are missing. When onboarding clients, this would be an amazing feature to have!

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We just exhibited at a booth at a conference, and many prospects met with at least two of us: one sales and one technical expert. It is critical that both people are involved in the sequence.


This is why we need to add people to TO and CC in sequences, so that prospects have the contact details of all reevant people

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Upvoting this! It's pretty important