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Hi, we get a lot of overseas enquiries, the process to enrol an overseas student is quite complex & labour intensive. We get many many enquiries, the conversion rate is very low. The first email is a response to their enquiry.  

I have setup a sequence, the

1st is the email with all the details, the

2nd in the sequence is a follow up a week later, the

3rd is another follow up & the

4th is a final one saying I've sent u a few emails with no reply, so thank you & a link to our website. 

I want to CC another colleague in the sequence who will manage the enrolment if it happens. I am now forced to forward the email to them so they can make contact with with the prospective customer as I cannot CC them in the sequence.  Often there is no reply, I send a follow up & often there is no reply. I have found myself getting bogged down with setting up numerous contacts with no result, so.....  Hope this helps?

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Upvote! This would be really helpful.

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The ability to CC my staff on emails to prospects and clients is very important. Currrently I’m using Insightly which has this ability to cc up to two staff/people on templated email blasts which is a huge value add.  I purchased hubspot for other value add reasons. Howver, the ability to CC people is a value add that I need. I may hold off on hubspot until this is resolved. I email hundreds of prospects per week and I can’t keep forwarding one by one to my team. Please advise when CCing on sequences will be available. 

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I have office 365 integrated, and I was able to go into our 365 admin and create a few rules that would automatically CC my sequences to another email address. We did it by subject line, and I just made sure our sequences were unique. 

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Upvote. Allow cc related person in the emails are huge for us.


Up voiting this.  I am a new paid user of HB's CRM and like most of it, but the inability to CC might lead me to use another CRM :*(

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Simple feature, lots of utility. Please. Thank you. 

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Not having this is brutal. I can't even manually add it on an email by email basis

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Agreed, this is a must with our workflow!

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How many upvotes and requests do we need to make this happen? This is critical for our sales handoff to our service team as well as pass offs from a BDR / SDR to an account executive. Would love to see this added. Any reason why it's not an option (even if it was not part of the template)?

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