Button should be able to link to personalization token




I'm looking for a way to link a personalization token to a button or CTA. For example, I'm using Zoom for our webinars, and to asend out the "join link", I need to show the very long and not so beautiful link - instead of a button "JOIN THE WEBINAR", which could link to the unique URL created by the token.


This would be a great improvement 🙂

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Additionally, it would be of great help to have separate tokens that would fill in

- the Zoom webinar topic

- the webinar date

- the webinar time

all based on the Zoom webinar ID.
We need them in workflow automated emails.


I agree this would be a great idea!! Right now the link is so long that it extends the width of the email and we are trying to find a way around that. We did a workaround to create a landing page with the personalization token that someone could click on from the email and get their unique link, but it is not hyperlinked on the landing page and our audience is not tech-savvy. We ended up with a lot of inquiries because people were not copying the whole link since it is so long and they could not just click on it. Need a better solution for this.


Love this idea, the hyperlinks end up looking like SPAM!  If we could use a button it would be much appreciated.  Upvoted!