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Business Units and Basic Reporting

Hey guys!

Basically, we have 2 brands, soon to be 3, and we need to create very separate but basic dashboards. Things like campaign performance and spending should be filtered by BU. I need a way to quickly view my daily spending and campaign performance by BU.

It should be fairly simple to designate an ad account or campaign per BU and report that way. A worst option is to at least filter by campaign name to show only what you need on the dashboard. The latter is helpful but once you get to dozens of campaigns, the filter is a huge laundry list. 

I am surprised that no one has suggested this. Seems extremely important to any marketer. Perhaps people are creating shortcuts? If so, I would love to know them! 

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This would be great to be an "easy button" solution if it's not already! 



This is a have-to-have function. We have 5 different brands and looking at all of our web traffic and forms smashed together provides zero value.