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Business Units - Permissions & Roles

Our team is needing a way to limit which units a particular user or team is assigned to. For example, if we have a team member who does support for one of our units and not another, I need to find a way to limit their access only to the unit they support.


Ideally, we'd be able to create roles for units and assign them to users based on which team they're a part of at our organization.


I'm not seeing any work-arounds for this, or any way to assign a user to a particular unit, which is somewhat disappointing and defeats the purpose of much of what we needed business units for.

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We found a work around for this with doing "Team Only" permissions and then assigning them to multiple teams if needed, BUT it would be so much easier to just select which business unit a person can see content for!


We are in the same dilemma. For social scheduling, it would be nice if only BU roles had the ability to post on their BUs. We've had a few near accidents. 


Same here, granting access to only one business unit for certain teams / roles is urgently needed.

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This is soooo much needed. Being requested by multiple clients. I hope to see this on the roadmap soon.


Same here. I really need to create limited access for each business unit, but I don't have the option to do this right now. Seems so easy, but can't find it for now.


We have external agencies working on certain brands and we do not want to give permission for them to access other business units as they should not have visibility over this.

Be it external or internal this is something that should be implemented asap. No brainer.

Does anyone know if there anything in the pipeline?

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We need this feature for Christmas!


I agree with this!  We need user permissions per business unit.  What is the real reason for business units if we don't have permissions that can be assigned?  If we can please have this on the roadmap! 


Agree, especially for companies that have multiple sub brands or for agencies that do work for several companies.


Indeed, it would be great to have this possibility to only see data at business unit level

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Agreed on this! Now that we're able to separete brands/websites etc... on different business units, being able to separate permissions for each user is crucial as we're literally managing different brands/businesses.


Hope to see this idea up soon!

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Can't the asset partitioning feature solve this? Just curious. or am I missing something?


This is an absolutely vital feature, why can't the seperate business unit effectively be a seperate account. 


Hello, it is very important to be able to use Business Unit to differentiate the access permeisison of a user.

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Absolutely, we need this for multiple clients!

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Agreed, this has come up for multiple clients!! It'd be much simpler from a client and implementation standpoint to assign HS users to a business unit where they can only see data and assets in that unit.

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We can already assign companies/contacts to business units so it makes sense to have a user permission setting that allows user to only see contacts/companies from their business unit.



If you are working multiple marketing teams out of the same system it is essential to split up by business unit.


Imagine if someone emails both sets companies contacts! Massive GDPR issues here and needs to urgently be resolved as its a legal and compliance issue!


It is essential that permissioning by business unit be added. The functionality asssociated with business units is not complete without this feature.


In 2024 and this still in the air... business unite not fit for porpuse.