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Business Unit - Add-on - Hubspot Lifecycle Stage

Please allow users to create multiple standard "hubspot lifecycle stages" per business unit. This will allow us to use the standard HS reporting features that use this field e.g. Ads. This will save us from creating custom fields and lots of operational workflows. 

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This is very much needed in our portal and surprised this is not already an option with the release of Business Units. 

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This is extreamly critical to many of my clients. Please fastlane this update! 


Every property especially those connected to function in the automation need this possibility. BUs are relly underdeveloped at this point. 

Hope to see it soon.

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Agree - this is a huge need.


We have a client who is a parent company overseeing multiple companies in the same industry (to the consumer they would look like competitors) and these companies have numerous shared prospects that are at different lifecycle stages across each brand. 

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This would be super useful! We have a client with different business units and a contact may be a lead in one and a customer within another. We've created custom properties to store this info but then we can't create funnel reports to track conversion rates between them, so this would be a really helpful feature


This is really necessary! Doing this with custom properties is quite complex and error-sensitive

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This would be super useful!


Yes please - we need this ASAP!!

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please add this hubspot!! Most of our clients need this to accurately track ads ROI.