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Business Days Between Two Dates Calculation

Would be great to have a calculation method that allows you to calculate business (working) days/hours/minutes between two dates. This allows for more accurate SLA reporting. Business days should also take into consideration local public holidays as well as weekends e.g. in New Zealand Waitangi Day is not a working day and therefore should not be included in calculations between two days.

An example of this calculation in action would be:

Ticket created on a Friday minus ticket closed on a Tuesday with Monday being a public holiday = 2 days and not 5.

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Excluding weekends from lead timing calculations would be extremely valuable for avg sake. (Especially given there's no median calc and weekends introduce skew to the distribution)


This would be super helpful for us!

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Yes, this is very important for e.g. (custom) Ticket SLAs monitoring how long (Business Days only) a Ticket has been open for.