Business Cards Scanner - iPad compatibility


When will the business card scanner be available for the iPad?  It is much easier to use this app at events on an iPad vs phone.

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Hi aalvarado. I can't speak for other solutions, but Sansan, my company, made a free integration business card scanning app, ScanContacts for HubSpot. You can use this on any mobile device – scan and upload to Contacts on HS. Good for trade shows, events, etc. It's on the HubSpot App Marketplace. If you found another solution, please let me know. I like to know what's out there and how it stacks up.

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@AdamJP  Hello, this app doesn't appear to be available from App Store in Canada.  Do you know if it will be made available internationally


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@dmaxwell  I'm afraid ScanContacts is currently only available on the US AppStore (and Google Play).