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Business Card Scanning

We've had quite a few users asking if we could integrate our iOS and Android CRM with other business card scanning apps. We're going to do one better and build a business card scanner right into our CRM apps.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
Status changed to: In Planning
Regular Contributor

This would be class.  We are at a show right now and collecting business cards which will be manual entry.


I had a landing page ready for data collection but it is too slow at a busy booth.  At shows they sometimes have scanners which scan the person's barcode on their name badge and it gives you their details in mass excel.  We attend a lot of shows that don't have these scanners though so a way to collect info from biz card would be great.  


Even as interim if your app just took photo and added as attachment against anonymous contact for office staff to then complete details as they come in rather than a bulk of 100s.



Occasional Contributor

I  have looked at pasting into a HubSpot property, a weblink to googledrive where I have a folder of images. Unfortunately, I can see problems getting it working across the team. I'm going to try the app referred to.

Occasional Contributor

Please make it EASY, SIMPLE and SEAMLESS.  No Zapier integrations...Lastly Test it out with SALESPEOPLE in the FIELD...Not ENGINEERS

Regular Contributor

I used Fullcontact + Zapier's integration and since in Full Contact, I can just select "Send business card to Hubspot" it works perfect.

Occasional Contributor

Thanks Will.  Although it looks great, there's a limit on number of business cards scanned - and they seem to take about an hour to transcribe (by humans, apparently). We've far too many business cards  for that limit.


Meanwhile, EverNote photographs cards (and delegate lists) then OCRs very well (under 5 GBP per month unlimited use  - you can downgrade to free service when you've finished).  Not yet worked out how to export into spreadsheet / zapier.  


While we wait for HubSpot, any other solutions out there?

Regular Contributor


Regular Contributor

Found this app that is really handy to scan business cards from your phone and it auto adds them to your contacts.  Noticed it also has an export to SalesForce feature so hoping this is something HubSpot could clone and set up pretty quick and easy? 


Would be useful to skip saving to phone if you don't want the contact added to your phone and just have export to HubSpot option.  In the meantime using this app is still quicker then you can hit share contact by email and send it through to the office and they can copy paste details rather than manual entry.

Export to Salesforce FeatureExport to Salesforce FeatureBiz Card Scanner2.pngBiz Card Scanner1.png



New Contributor

I also second the note that @Jems212 made... It would be really helpful if HubSpot offered us the option for using APIs in their badge scanner for trade shows. We currently use a program called Akkroo that has a HubSpot integration and we can send them an API from the show so our badge scanners on our mobile devices can scan the show badge.


It would be awesome if we could tie our show leads and scans directly into HubSpot lists & workflows for automated emails, track directly through this system, etc. instead of having to use a third party integration.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

Hey all,


Thank you for your feedback and patience. I can confirm that this feature is now live. Full details can be found here