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Business Card Scanning on iOS

We've had quite a few users asking if we could integrate our iOS and Android CRM with other business card scanning apps. We're going to do one better and build a business card scanner right into our CRM apps.


JULY UPDATE: We're close...really close to having a version of business card scanner for iOS and a brand new update for Android. We need people to try out this new feature and make sure it's just right before we release it to the App Store / Play Store. If you'd be interested in getting an early peek you can sign up here.

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Great first step....need iphone now

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@roisinkirby Will the business card reader be available for iPhones anytime soon? Most of my coulleagues have iPhones so the delivered app for Android doesn't really help us out. 


It's live for Android users - when will the iOS app be updated to support this capability?


The feature is now live for users of the Android App.  When is the feature coming to those of us who use iOS devices?

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Hi, when will this feature be live for IOS? thx!



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It would be only fair if this new feature was also available for iOS users ;-)



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 Hey @roisinkirby

Any idea when the business card feature will be available in the iOS app? 





 Looks like the android app has the business card scanning functionality but it's not available in iOS. Do you know if/when there will be a rollout for the iPhone app? Thanks in Advance!

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 Hi @roisinkirby,


The first post in this thread mentioned iOS and Android.


This is delivered on one. What is the status for iOS catching up with these features?



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Regular Contributor | Diamond Partner | Certified Trainer

 @roisinkirby can you confirm whether this is just a feature of the Andoid app or if it can be done on Apple devices too? Can't seem to see how.