Business Card Scanner - automate address fill


It would be a nice feature to allow the customization of the default six fields that the business card scan feature ask (Full name, job title, email, company, Phone, Website) and allow to decide which fields are showed after scan.

For instance the street address, city, country and so on.


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Apr 29, 2020

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Being able to customize what fields are on the business card scanner would be amazing, specifically a notes section. 

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Hi, I agree with others on this thread - please make it possible for the scanner to also upload Company name and Company address as it's definitely needed. Otherwise, you're expecting your users to manually enter this information and decreasing our overall efficiency. A wishlist item would be to also upload the business card image to the respective contact.


Hello, less than a 1 week testing hubspot CRM. Its working great, but also noticed that lots of these important (but old) customer feedbacks have still not been implemented, which is little strange. Most of the feedbacks are about improving efficiency and does not require much coding. It could bring more happy, paying customers and recommendations


I dont get that these ideas have been going on since 2018 and its still not repaired. Does Hubspot really want our business?


When I (Super Admin permissions) scan a business card using the mobile app - business card scanner it creates a contact and a company with all the information found on the business card. However when a sales rep (starter) scans they only get an orphaned contact record with no address information. Can you help me to know what I need to do to settings to make it work correctly for the users? 


Looking forward to your reply. 


Thank you.



I would appreciate the ability to pull through additional fields on the business card scanner. Company Name, address and custom fields we require for segmentation would be very helpful and save our sales team a lot of time. Thank you!


Any update expected? This will save a lot of paper. I only need to scan a card and dont have to take it with me.