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Business Card Scanner - automate address fill

It would be a nice feature to allow the customization of the default six fields that the business card scan feature ask (Full name, job title, email, company, Phone, Website) and allow to decide which fields are showed after scan.

For instance the street address, city, country and so on.


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April 29, 2020 07:24 AM

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We scan business cards using a 3rd party app (World Card Mobile) and then import them to the HubSpot iOS app. We need to import ALL fields. 


Right now it's only: 

  • Name,

  • Mobile Phone,

  • Phone,

  • Email,

  • Job title,

  • Website

We need other fields

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Notes - added after the scan but synced to phone contacts

Please add these crucial fields! 

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Hi @CaptainWasHere The settings tab on the iOS app includes a Provide Feedback  link. It would be best to add your comment there as those messages are fed directly to the product team. 


I'm also going to add this to the ideas forum for further commnet. 


Thank you,

Ed Justen 


I'm scanning lots of business cards. Many of them have the address and/or the company name on them. However, the scanner does not have the ability to add these automatically. 


This will help sales representatives save lots of time, by not having to add the company name and address fields manually. 


This needs to be for both the Android and iPhone.  The iPhone interface is great now, it sets an area, which you can change, then review the information to make sure it is going to the right place. However, as the original post points out, it only captures a few fields.


It needs to have a setup similar to the import function, where it is showing you all of the data from the card, and you can pick any of the Contact fields to assign it to.


I 100% agree with this! The address needs to be recognized/added to the contact info when scanning and uploading business cards into HubSpot. I absolutely LOVE that the app can scan business cards. It saves time; however, more time can be saved by adding the business addresses!


Any update on this?  I just joined and notice this comment abot not scanning addresses was from January 2018.


Agree! It does seem like it should be possible, because when one of my scans didn't recognize the web address it went to another screen to choose the web address and there was all the other information from the business card right there scanned in perfectly (street address, city, state, zip). 


It would be helpful so people can scan in the business cards themselves. If they do that now and toss the card then the people in marketing will need to search for addresses online which is a waste of time. It would be so much better to be able to scan the business card once and populate all the standard contract fields instead of just name, email and phone. 


That`s a great idea. the scannin app works really well, all we need is t input the added information into corresponding fields.


I think it would be usefull to have the mobile app for business card scanner to enter automatically the address. 

We need to enter those addresses in our system. And therefore we have two options: enter manually or use a third party app. 

All other common business card scanner apps propose this feature. 


I would even prefer to add a couple of properties (optional) to the BCS app:

- Salutation

- Country (which potentially will be covered if you in include address)

- Type (who is this person) Architect, tiler, etc


I agree with you, all business card scanners have the possibility to automatically scan and import the address and company name, and here we are limited and we have again a lot of manual work.

In our case, our regional managers often complain about this feature.


We have a Hubspot and SFDC integration and a contact needs to meet certain criteria's to be synced to SFDC, ideally we would like to include these fields as well (salutation, country and type) to avoid that we miss contacts in our CRM database.

If a lead visits our booth and would like to receive a brouchure that at least we can also include the the address wher this needs to be sent to.


Hopefully we'll get some flexibility in the tool which would increase productivity, save time and make it even more user-friendly



We would like to use this scanner as a sort of lead retrieval system. We need that address for multiple purposes (Samples, catalog, etc). It would be helpful if that pulled in since it is on there. 


Hi, I fully agree. Capturing address would be helpful. Even more having the possiblity to edit / add fields (e.g. industry, gender) - otherwise new contacts are of no value for future campaigns as you can't include them in your segmentation. 


Is this something that can be included faire rapidly? 


Thank you! 


Our organization is utilizing HubSpot as our exclusive CRM system.  When meeting with new prospects, we are often given a business card.  While it is helpful to be able to upload name, phone and email address details, it would be even better if the scanner could include address.


Forum group - Is there a better app that allows scanning of full business cards details integrated into HubSpot?

Currently, our team is focused to manually type full address details into each new contact.  This is annoying and time consuming. 


Many of the sales representative utilize other card scanners to upload full details into Outlook, then export list from Outlook, then import excel list into HubSpot to add in address.  Lots of work, there has to be a better method!!


Hi @LBarbee , I am looking into BCR for Hubspot CRM from MagneticOne. This seems to be importing  some additioanla fields such as Company name and address fields . It's a paid app though (tiered/contacts uploaded).


Hope this helps. 





As a global company, the lead assignment is made by country in our system so adding the "country" field is essential for us to use this great tool!



Agreed and company name.


Address and company name are considered required fields in a business card. We would really love to be included in default fields. 


When I scan a business card, it would be really helpful if I could select the contact fields I want to collect.

Currently, you set the five fields "Full name", "job title" "mobile number", "Email", and "Website" as a given.
We would like to store first and surname directly in different fields instead of the full name, that makes follow ups much easier.

Sometimes there are multiple phone numbers on business cards and I want to store them all, but in different contact fields (i.e. "mobile number" and "office number").


The easiest option would be to let me select which fields of a contact I want to add from the business card. This would also sovlve this issue and provide a more graceful solution for this issue.

Ideally, I could define a standard in my preferences that would replace the five values you have currently made the standard - and then add more fields for each business card if I want to.