Business Card Scanner - automate address fill

It would be a nice feature to allow the customization of the default six fields that the business card scan feature ask (Full name, job title, email, company, Phone, Website) and allow to decide which fields are showed after scan.

For instance the street address, city, country and so on.


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We would like to use this scanner as a sort of lead retrieval system. We need that address for multiple purposes (Samples, catalog, etc). It would be helpful if that pulled in since it is on there. 

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Hi, I fully agree. Capturing address would be helpful. Even more having the possiblity to edit / add fields (e.g. industry, gender) - otherwise new contacts are of no value for future campaigns as you can't include them in your segmentation. 


Is this something that can be included faire rapidly? 


Thank you! 

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Our organization is utilizing HubSpot as our exclusive CRM system.  When meeting with new prospects, we are often given a business card.  While it is helpful to be able to upload name, phone and email address details, it would be even better if the scanner could include address.


Forum group - Is there a better app that allows scanning of full business cards details integrated into HubSpot?

Currently, our team is focused to manually type full address details into each new contact.  This is annoying and time consuming. 


Many of the sales representative utilize other card scanners to upload full details into Outlook, then export list from Outlook, then import excel list into HubSpot to add in address.  Lots of work, there has to be a better method!!

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Hi @LBarbee , I am looking into BCR for Hubspot CRM from MagneticOne. This seems to be importing  some additioanla fields such as Company name and address fields . It's a paid app though (tiered/contacts uploaded).


Hope this helps. 




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As a global company, the lead assignment is made by country in our system so adding the "country" field is essential for us to use this great tool!