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Business Card Scanner - Save Photo of Scanned Card

It would be great for the scanned photo of the card to be saved as a note or something on the contact's record so that one can always look back at the scan to see whether any information was inputted incorrectly or not. 


Having tried out the scanner a few times, it often will get some things just slightly off, like a letter or more wrong - so the ability to look back at the scan to confirm its accuracy would be of great benefit.

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Please implement this feature.  it allows me to not worry so much about the initial scan and I can come back and verify that the data was entered properly later.


This would be a great feature! We won't have to hang onto cards for years if a photo of the card is saved with the contact record. 


TOTALLY agree with this. Crazy that it doesn't do this!


YES!! Notes and history of interactions and meetings are great. However, the looking at the actual business card sometimes triggers a memory about the individual and it's easier to recall things. Speciually when you are at a networking event and you meet a lot of people at the same time.


This would be a great addition.

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This would be a huge help. We are currently using another card scanning app that does load a photo of the card so it can be done!



Yes, I completely agree! I "assumed" this was the case and scanned in 29 people that I connected with at a trade show and did not confirm each and every contact's information was accurate before giving the cards to an associate in another state.  

The app allowed me to view the card when scanning and now, even in the app the scanned card is gone...


Please add this feature, it would be very useful for all the reasons that have been mentioned by previous posters.