BulkMail - Staggered email delivery for corporations

We send out a weekly email with free content to our contacts. This has been a huge marketing tool for us. Most of our customers are large multinational organizations. Deliverability rates with hubspot have improved dramatically over our previous provider, but...

A problem that we have run into, and it seems to be getting worse, is that the organizations flag email if there are a number of them going into the company at the same time. They get flagged as bulk and are not allowed through. These people signed up, but cannot get the email. It's a huge issue for B to B. 

It seems like it would be a trivial thing for hubspot to have a staggered option that looks at the receiving addresses and adds a slight delay to the sending of those that have the same domain address so that they don't get caught in the bulkmail filter. Frankly I don't care if people in a company get the email an hour apart from each other, mosre important that they get it at all. 

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Yes! This is a common feature that should be part of an enterprise-grade marketing automation platform. Outside of Pardot, the other major vendors have offered this for years. Please add this, it is critical to people who send multiple messages to a single domain. 

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Thanks Kristen. Hoping someone reads this. We get killed by the enterprise spam filters. We have huge companies that subscribe to our emails, but they don't get through because of bulk filters. Considering moving our email to another service to get past this.

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You bet, I fully support this. I was very surprised to find out this feature was not supported. Although I find little features everyday since we purchased HubSpot a few months ago that seem to support the notion that HubSpot is very much focused on SMB. I would think if technology like HubSpot don't offer the option to force email staggering they would do it automatically as a best practice. 

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Although this was posted two years ago, it's still a good idea.  I've had this option with my other providers and am frankly suprised it's not an option with HubSpot. However, it sounds like people need to speak up to support this before HubSpot will get on board.

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It's called email throttling.  I'd check out Seventh Sense (www.theseventhsense.com).  They’re a HubSpot App Partner they not only throttle, but the timing of the email is also based on the email engagement behavior of the recipient so it optimizes the delivery to when the recipient is most likely to engage with an email. We've used them for years and we not only don't have to worry about the problem you share here, but our engagement & impact rates have also jumped!

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HubSpot has built-in send time optimization for HubSpot Sales One-to-One email - see image.


HubSpot Built-In Best Times To Send TechnologyHubSpot Built-In Best Times To Send Technology

- see Schedule a one-to-one email from the CRM - How does HubSpot determine the best time...?

We also like Seventh Sense for their advanced Sales One-to-One email AND Marketing One-to-Many email send time optimization. Seventh Sense use AI and machine learning to increase deliverability. The more email we send, the smarter it gets. And their email throttling functionality allows us to pause campaigns, make changes and spread the load on our systems (and salespeople) -- i.e., without the need for send-time A/B testing.

- see [VIDEO (2 mins)] Seventh Sense - Intelligent Email for HubSpot
- see Finding the Best Time to Send Email with Seventh Sense

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How is this not a feature yet? I think almost every other platform I have used offers this. Would also be nice to send whe a contact is most likely to open/click an email as well.