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Bulk replace CTAs

We've run into situations a few times now with clients where a CTA they have is no longer applicable. Most recently, a client had to remove an offer they have on their website, which had an accompaying CTA on 35 different blog posts. HubSpot said I would have to manually replace the CTA on all of those blog posts, or I suppose I could update the actual CTA to point to something different, but it would be nice to keep the old CTA for reporting/analytics purposes.


Instead, it would be incredibly helpful if there was an option to bulk replace the CTA that lives on those 35 blog posts with an already existing CTA. 

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We've also run into this issue. We needed to mass replace a CTA for an event that already passed. It took hours to update blogs containing the CTA and a streamlined process for this with a CTA replacement tool would be helpful.


Same here. I need to replace about 500 of them! Support told me there need to be at least 150 upvotes that product team even takes it into consideration. So we will eventually never see this feature -> or we find 148 more upvotes. 😉


I agree completely! We are also implenting some new organizational things such as naming conventoins and I have to do them all manually!  A bulk update/upload would be very helpful.


+1 This would be very helpful!