Bulk move forms between folders


I am faced with the task of organising a large number of forms into folders.


However, to move any more than a couple of forms to folders is a time consuming and laborious process, requiring 5 clicks per form. 


There is bulk move functionality within the File Manager, and possibly other areas of the site. It would be very useful to have this for forms and all other content types where folders exist.

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I am also trying to organize my huge library of forms and it would be nice to be able to move forms to folders in bulk instead of having to do it one-by-one.


I also like to vouch for this proposal. It would make things easier to be able to move forms in batches between folders.

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This feature is available in workflows. Would be great to have it in forms as well. 

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This would definitely be a great feature to see in the future. Will spare a lot of HubSpotters a lot of time (:


This will definitely save a lot of time while we organize all the forms.


Yes please. One by One is driving me insane lol

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This is so painful - I have to move 20 plus forms by hand 😓


Yes, I had the same frustrating experience of moving 16 Forms one by one. Adding a Bulk Move option would enhance the UX a lot. 


I am having the same problem, over the years we have managed to amass over 350 forms, which we would ideally like to place in around 6 folders so we can more easily manage them. Would love this idea to come to fruition just as it has done with workflows.


This should be a basic feature...Vote for this


Agree, had to sift through 127 forms! Seems like an easy change to add.


35 Upvotes...Been a topic since 2019...Was just asked for again in March of this year, but still hasn't been replied to or mentioned as a feature that may be added to the next update of the HS platform.


Not going to lie, the updates (though they felt very ninja-like) that have been made so far since I started using the program have been nice. I greatly dislike having to double approve updates I make to anything, but I can understand how other users may want that, "are you sure," stage of QA on their projects.


This feature though, bulk actions, is something that's aboslutely necessary. Otherwise users are simply expected to know ahead of time that they need to organize into folders and keep things clean. Which makes sense, unless you're someone that's stepped into it after being used for 2yrs, lol! This thing is an absolute mess under the hood in terms of how emails and forms are organized or have been. I'm trying to re-organize and just noticed how tedious it's going to be to re-organize so guess what...going to have to table that plan until this feature is implemented. That or hire an intern to do it LOL!


Would LOVE some official feedback on this please!