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Bulk import for Knowledge Base

Hi Team,


Some customers who are looking to purchase Service Hub have their own Knowledge Base set up already. At the same time, the HubSpot Knowledge Base does not seem to have an easy way to do a bulk import of these articles with a XML file.


It will be good if we can have a function that does this.

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If moving from an existing solution (as most people are), this is a must-have. Who wants to re-key all their articles into a new system? Not me. Plus you have all the images, etc. Intercom has the simplest import tool that works incredibly. Just enter the url and boom - it's done in 3 mins. All images, content - everything - is ready to go. Quite frankly, I'm very surprised that a company of this size doesn't have anything like this.


Agreed we are considering this switch from Zendesk and would HATE to have to re-key all of our content! HALP!

HubSpot Product Team

The ability to import an existing Knowledge Base from Zendesk, Intercom, Freshdesk and HelpScout is now in beta. Please PM if you would like access to this beta.

HubSpot Product Team

Knowledge Base import is now live to all customers. You can import knowledge bases from Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom and Helpscout.


This is great for folks who already have a knowledge base!


We are just implementing our knowledge base and all of our data is in a CSV file. It would be fantastic if there was some way to import a CSV file rather than have to cut and paste all that data into the knowledge base. 


Also, when one IS cutting and pasting Articles, it's a real pain in the butt to have to hit the back button to add the next Article. One of the options after I have published an article should be Create Another Article.






We just finished importing from zendesk, and while the content was copied perfectly, the url paths are not copied exactly as in zendesk. This is very important for SEO purposes, it would be great if we could have this as an option.

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Hi @binderp ,


Could give me a bit more detail around the problem with the url paths. If you could DM me with an example that would be great!


Hi was there any way to upload from an excel or word table format for this?  Otherwise very annoying to have to put each one in individually.


Did anyone find a fix for importing from excel or sheets? Keen avoid publishing each article individually!


Please add the functionality to bulk upload articles using a spreadsheet rather than just transfer existing knowledge base services over to hubspot. We started our knowledge base on hubspot but want to be able to upload faster than just manually entering everything but that is not an options right now.

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Hey team, commenting on behalf of a customer and hoping that this import feature can be rolled out to more knowledge base platforms as well. In the customer's case, they're using HelpDocs, which isn't one of the platforms supported with the smart import feature just yet.

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I have the same issue. Atlassian Confluence can export into an SML file. I need a nice way to import XML into the HubSpot Knowledge Base. 


Bulk import of xml file would be a great benefit. We are in the process of migrating to HubSpot and it's looking like a massive pain to complete