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Bulk follow CRM records

At the moment, we can manually follow individual CRM records. 


That said, if I wanted to follow a list of contacts/companies/deals that might not be assigned to me, there isn't an easy way to do that. 


It will be really helpful if we are able to bulk follow CRM records -- something similar to bulk assigning contact records on the dashboard.

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I agree with this idea, which was addressed in many other post for help/improvements.


The flag "Follow" / "unfollow" does not seem to be a property of the contact/company itself but rather a status. 


So I think it would be very usefull to be able to manage a list of entities that we follow / not follow and easily change the flags for multiple entries.


In my company, I own  all contacts, but don't need to follow those managed by my sales team. rather, I need to assign them the follow-up notifications.


Simple, usefull, so when?



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I second this idea, particularly the ability to bulk unfollow. Let's say a rep owns 100 records that they're set to follow. They get designated to another region, so those same records now change ownership. That previous rep is still set to follow those 100 records they are no longer owners of. If that rep no longer needs to follow those records, currently the way the tool functions, they would need to go into each individual record to unfollow, which you can imagine is time-consuming.


Agree with @aparry ! We've had regions reassigned multiple times and reps that have changed roles that are still "following" hundreds of contacts that they'd prefer to not be receiving notices for. While they can turn off notifications, they still might want to receive those for records they actually DO want to follow, but not for ones they are no longer owner of.


Absolutely. If you've got hundreds of customers and missed some this can be a real pain.

It would also be useful to know what records you're following and to be able to set records to be followed via workflow.


Need the ability to "Bulk UNFOLLOW/ FOLLOW" contacts, companies, records, deals, etc. 

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This 100% needs to be implemented. Manually unfollowing hundreds of records is extremely time consuming and is a major pain point.




Essa funcionalidade seria muito importante se implementada para empresas que detem uma quantidade grande de contatos e empresas. Isso gera uma degradação da funcionalidade de notificações pois ela fica gerando muitos registros sem importância.

Esperamos ansiosamente a implementação.



Totally agree with the root of this idea, so a big upvote from me! Not only would it be nice if we could bulk follow/unfollow, but if we could create a workflow to do so... 


I'm running PPC for a client and we have a specific form on our landing page. That client would like to automatically follow each contact that comes in through that form. Knowing that "contact owners" automatically follow the record, I wonder if there is something there? For now, I created a workflow that triggers off of form submission to "rotate the owner" to my client. It will not overwrite an existing owner, but you do have that option. While it's not perfect, I am hopeful this will give the auto-follow effect. Cross your fingers for me. 


We need this urgently. We've just reassigned lots of contacts (not via ownership) and so we need to change who is following what. If we can't do that then people will just ignore notifications and we will lose business.



Unfollow objects (contacts, companies, tickets) — #11747664
I recently made a bulk adjustment to Rekor's HubSpot user notification settings via the Customer Success Hub notification profile to help keep teams informed about ticket updates within the Service Hub & train teams on how to Follow contacts, companies, and tickets they are most interested in.

Upon enabling this setting, I seem to be automatically following a large number of contacts – & I am getting many email notifications related to logged activity on said contacts (see attached). This is not a problem if I intentionally opted-in to follow a contact; however, I just recently learned of the ability to follow, so I'm not sure why I am following so many records.
I was reviewing the "Unfollow a record" documentation here: The documentation does not include information on how to generate lists/views/reports on objects individual users/teams are following — along with the ability to bulk-follow, or bulk-unfollow.

FEATURE REQUEST: 1.) Ability to generate a list/view/report of records — by type (contact, company, deal, ticket, etc.) — that a user or team is following. 2.) Ability to bulk-follow, or bulk-unfollow records.

Agree. Please implement JStocksdale's request immediately.  It's not just an inconvenience -- it essentially renders the "follow" function useless.