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Bulk enroll for an email template send

Hello Hubspot Users,


I am a HubSpot admin and trainer. Today, one of the sales got enthusiastic when I showed him a new email template. He wants to send it to multiple people at a time, rather than inserting a template in individual emails, for example a list of selected contacts at a specific company. I told him that the only way to currently do that would be to create a single template sequence and then bulk enroll contacts. I did confirm that today with Hubspot support. I propose that Hubspot add the cabability to bulk enroll contacts to a template email without needing to create a sequence. Thanks for your consideration.


Daryll Mackereth


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Having the ability to create email lists and send mail to entire list at once in Sales CRM would help us tremendously. I am aware this is possible in the marketing side, but it creates issues as it forces interdepartment dependencies that complicates the workflow.


Our specific purpose would be to send updates to existing clients as handling communications through Hubspot would be an integral solution. It is also worth saying that forcing the use of the marketing CRM for this type of communication becomes more costly given the limited # of contacts per tier allowable in the marketing CRM.


I do think the contact pricing for marketing CRM needs to be revamped as it is cost prohibitive for my retail service business that would use it for newsletters to exisitng clients, quite different from the inbound system Hubspot marketing is modeled for. See my other post for that here


Thank you for your consideration

HubSpot Product Team

Hey @Kanefire thank you for your post. I can confirm that the ability to send email in bulk is not currently planed for HubSpot's Sales Platform and will continue to be reserved for our Marketing platform and tools. The HubSpot Sales platform is specifically designed for 1:1 communication between your Sales Representatives and their leads. 


@roisinkirby thanks for the message. I understand that Hubspot would like to keep my companies contact with our clients 1 on 1. I see how this is important in inbound sales where building relationships is more effective than bulk numbers. Given that this is post-sales communication, that position doesn't really apply. Updates, fixes, maintenance are all reasons to communicate with post-sales clients where 1 on 1 emails would be impractical when there are thousands.


This is twice where I have found Hubspot "Top Down" ideology interferes with user experience and practical application. I value the principles on which Hubspot was founded, but practical use is of direct value. Why would we be forced to use the marketing side for post sales clients? Departments are different, workflows are different, not to mention your contact pricing in marketing would make pushing all of our post sales clients into it more expensive for us, for no good reason. It seems as though Hubspot would prefer us to find a different company for a solution to post-sales communication.

Worthwhile mention pointing out the irony here. Hubspot hs gained notoriety for being the company that flipped marketing from top-down stand on a corner with a megaphone and shout out what we can do, to bottom up, offer content that provides value to a client and build a relationship. Hubspot's position on this issue is top down forcing us into impractical solutions in order to acheive it's bottom up ideology.

The navigator may know to head north, but the steersman heading west to avoid danger trumps everytime.


Please use our HubSpot-integrated product Dossier, available at It connects to HubSpot and immediately inserts all contact data from your team's email into HubSpot CRM, creating companies, contacts and sending emails to HubSpot as well.


Once synced with HubSpot, you can send bulk emails from our Contacts tab using easy-to-use email templates that are designed not for marketing teams, but for sales followup. Dossier for HubSpot starts off FREE for up to 5,000 messages, so you are good to go.


Here's a video on the Dossier product and it shows the bulk-email sending feature for sales teams, and the HubSpot integration.





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Thanks Vik (chatted with Giselle, I asked her to forward my email to you)

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We're here in the spirit of helping out in the HubSpot community. So, like in any community, our goal is to help each other. If HubSpot doesn't practically offer a solution, perhaps we do, or maybe another partner does - and vice versa. HubSpot Marketing is strong at bulk-sending, so if it's a pricing issue with HubSpot, then HubSpot is best equipped to address that, of course.


For clarification, our (Dossier's) personalized outbound emails - that sync to HubSpot - are sent out directly from your Google (business) Gmail or Outlook 365, not from an intermediary email. So deliverability is strong, but it also means that it's designed for sales teams to send newsletters or updates or templatized sales emails in the B2B scenario of dozens to max hundreds a day per salesperson. Gmail and Outlook 365 have limits of sending no more than 500 emails a day, so in all fairness, our Dossier for HubSpot app won't be practical for sending, say 10,000 emails in a single day. Truly, HubSpot Marketing is best used for that use case.


Thanks for visiting us at Dossier, and for the compliment on our website's popup message 😀.


While I understand from the responses here that HubSpot does not intend to add the ability to email to a list on the sales side, I do agree that there are many post-sale customer communications where this feature could be very helpful. For example, one of my sales reps recently asked if he could email his entire list of customers to let them know that he'll be out on vacation and whom to contact in his absence. Another example, he mentioned would be to wish them well during the holidays.


I get the 1:1 premise but agree there are several instances where it would be beneficial to give sales the ability to email their list of active customers who may need product updates, holiday hours, vacation alerts, etc. 




@MichelleCardin yep. They told me to go get mailchimp if I want to send an email to let them know software update, vacay, etc... Couldn't believe what I was hearing. 


Provide value, they said...smh


There should be an option for you to send 1 personalized email to multiple contacts without having the unsubscribe button at the footer. 


I understand that as per the "CAN-SPAM Act of 2003" there must be the unsubscribe button for marketing emails when sending in bulk...


But... I can enroll hundreds of my accounts in email sequences and the sequences do not require the unsubscribe button. 


Sequences can also act as marketing emails. Both are also sent as bulk.


The only alternative: make a 1-email sequence and enroll them..... but what if the hundreds are already enrolled in something else? All I want to do is just send 1 email about something exciting that suddenly happened..... Now I have to go and unenroll those hundreds, to just enroll them to a 1-email sequence?? 


I'm just so perplexed why a single mass email cannot have the unsub. button when the email sequence acts as the exact same concept. 


Sequences are great!

But sometimes we have the need to send out 1 single email to a list of people. For example information about something specific about our product to my customer list.

This can ofcourse be achieved today by marketing emails, or by creating a sequence which includes this one email. But it is a workaround.

I should be able to send 1 email (picking it from the templates) to a contact list.


It would be nice to be able to check multiple recipients in the Contacts view and send them an email from a template. Having to maually go into each record is time consuming and painful.


This would be incredibly helpful to our Sales and CSM teams!


Before I start, I want to say before anyone else does that I do not want anyone using this feature to start spamming anyone and know that the sequence feature was made to protect from marketers doing just that.


But... how can you simply write an email, to a small list of clients who meet a specific criteria from the contact list view? You simply can't. 


My average CRM user needs this functionality on a weekly basis to notify of certain outages, or memo's. Both for external communication and internal staff info. Please HubSpot consider allowing this type of functionality.


Here is how it would work. 1. Sort and filter list, 2. select 25 or less contacts, select "email" from menu, 3. a email dialog BCC'ing all of the recipients appears and the email can be typed. 4. Hit send



Hi All, it would be greatly useful if we could e.g. select all new leads about a particular subject and send a simple warm-up email right from there, without all the burden of creating a sequence, a template and a list, which is very time consuming. Just as an example if I get leads for 3 different product lines, I would need to create 3 templates, 3 lists and 3 sequences which many times keep us delaying responding to incoming leads.