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Bulk editing options for repeating tasks

Hi team, branching off an idea from this feature request for repeating tasks:

The "set to repeat" option is currently available only when users manually create tasks from the task dashboard. That said, having a bulk edit option would be invaluable to customers who are looking to create many new tasks or manage existing tasks. 


Possible use cases: 

  • Customers are on the Contacts dashboard where they bulk select contacts and hit "Create tasks" to create a task for each of these contacts
  • If customers already have existing tasks that they want to "set as repeating" in bulk.

How I can possibly see this happening: 

1. Adding an option to "set as repeating" when creating tasks in bulk from the contacts dashboard 

Bulk create tasks.png


2. When checking multiple tasks on the tasks dashboard > "Edit", the user can also select "set as repeating" when selecting the task due date and reminder. 

due date edit.png


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This would be an invaluable tool for customer service staff to have. Pretty please make this!