Bulk-editing multiple checkbox properties


When using properties to track activity that we need to report on, e.g., event registrations or product adoption, it would be very helpful to be able to bulk edit multi-checkbox properties by appending values rather than replacing them. Currently the only way to do this appears to be with a workflow or new import, but we are often updating properties directly in the CRM and hate to risk undoing work/data that has been compiled over time. 

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Would love to see this as well.


I agree, we need to get this resolved. We want to be able to create workflows that "opt-in" a multiple-choice option when a particular action is taken and the only way I can see that we could do this is to have all the multiple-choices as separate properties which would make the contact record view look ridiculous. 

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@Lucinda doing this via a Workflow is already possible, actually. (Import and bulk editing is not though).

If you create a WF, select the action "Set property Value" and make sure to choose "Append to current value(s)" in order to not overwrite potentialy existing checkboxes for this multi-checkbox property (see screenshot).


Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 17.25.23.png


Like the idea. Looking for something similar.


+1 feature request.


I've just spent two days exporting and processing data from Mailchimp, created a custom property for the Mailchimp "tags", imported each tag list and then discovered that HubSpot can only append the values via Workflows if you have the Professional (with quite the price jump). Additionally, our web forms are now rendered fairly useless in terms of updating tags as each submission overrites all other tags.


Please roadmap this enhancement HubSpot.


Agreed!! Upvote x100000000



We want to "tag" prospects when they express interest in a certain topic. We can do some of this through workflows but especially to go back and update old contacts with a newly created category, being able to bulk update and ADD a checkbox rather than override the existing ones is essential.


Please make this feature a priority!


I've just lost a lot of user data due to this lacking feature, give me the ability to x10 upvote it

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Yes I have been asking for this for a while and was glad to see a feed here about it! Having to use Workflows as a workaround is so much extra work for something so simple. Hopping Append can be added across the CRM more universally. Though starting with this!


Absolutely agree - I (like many of you) found this out the hard way by unwittingly deleting a massive amount of data when I thought I was appending, not replacing.

This is a bug and needs fixing!!


We are wanting to switCH to Hubsport but without being able to bulk append check boxes rather than overwriting, I am not sure we will switch.  Please prioritize this feature!


I agree.  I have a similar problem.  We have forms on our website with multiple checkbox property. If an existing contact completes the form with different values to previously selected, the new value overwrites the existing values instead of just adding. Is there a way to prevent this form happening?


Will jump in here, as well – this would be invaluable!


We are constantly importing lists of contacts that we gather while at conferences or while hosting webinars, etc. and we often see similar faces mixed in with the new ones. We have a "Contact Engagement" property that allows us to keep track of all the places that we interact with clients (i.e., so I can see I talked to a customer at this 2019 conference, he then joined our 2020 webinar, and now we've connected at a business social in 2021). We keep lists of attendees for these types of things but, at the moment, when we import one with a contact we already have and the new event under "Contact Engagement," it wipes out all other events under that contact's property, forcing us to go back in to each of our returners and manually update every event at which we've interacted with them.


Appending vs. replacing that multi-checkbox property info would be a game changer for our manpower and reporting!


another one here. Just found out users have been bulk editing multiple checkboxes, assuming it's appending and not overwriting!!!!!!


This is a serious flaw for us. We are using checkbox fields to tag contacts. To add individual tags in a contact is a everyday task and most of our contacts belong to groups of 12-20 participants from various events. Experience has shown that it is inmpossible to teach all users that a feature in the Hubspot UI that looks like it can add a tag/checkbox value in bulc actually erases all previous tags/checkbox field values. Also, it does not seem to be possible to disable this feature.


So, we are continously loosing data/corrupting the database because of this flaw. Can you PLEASE at least make it possible to disable this feature?


Best case solutin would be to actually allow bulc edits. That would be super useful. 


I think a best in class example on how to support this can be found in microsoft excel (and I think other MS office products). It can cleanly and visibly self explanatory handle both adding and removing properties in bulc. It also clearly indicates if the property is already set areready in all/none or some cells.


Had I known beforehand that this isn't an option, I'd never have gone with HubSpot for our company. This is not a problem or a wish for users, it's a bug!

We're in too deep now with the implementation to select different CRM software, but there are going to be a lot of problems for my colleagues; every time they'll import a list with, say attendees to a conference, they'll have to check manually whether a person is already in HubSpot, before importing. This will require a myriad of workarounds and instruction, precisely what I wished to get rid of by using a top knotch CRM. Can't believe this isn't fixed yet.

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Please make it so that an import can ADD an option rather than override an option that's already been selected!



I work on a product called HubTags. This gives you a multi-select checkbox property called HubTags. You can bulk add new tags to this proprety without removing any of the existing tags. The tags that you bulk upload can be applied to the desired contacts at the same time. Below is a image of our import and filtering features:

Import directions.png


















Absolutely necessary!


I just did a bulk edit and this feature *seems* to have been added (replace or append options given). HOWEVER the append option doesn't work.