Bulk-editing multiple checkbox properties

When using properties to track activity that we need to report on, e.g., event registrations or product adoption, it would be very helpful to be able to bulk edit multi-checkbox properties by appending values rather than replacing them. Currently the only way to do this appears to be with a workflow or new import, but we are often updating properties directly in the CRM and hate to risk undoing work/data that has been compiled over time. 

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I am shocked that this has only 2 upvotes.  I just bulk edited about 300 multi-checkbox items and the value that I "added" via bulk edit on contact records overwrote all previously selected items.   This is terrible.  Instead, it should append the new value that's being added to a record.   It could have a quick checkbox to say "append to current selected checkbox items" or "overwrite all previous values."    


It should be disabled or have an error message if it doesn't just automatically append the new value that's being added to a record.    


Please fix this.  Thanks!

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^ I agree with having a warning/error message, at the very least!

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Agreed. As a minimum the UI should warn users better about the actual behaviour of doing this. There's no indication whether bulk updating a multiple checkbox property entirely replaces the existing values or just adds the selections you've made.


I suppose the reverse scenario clarifies the way it has to work this way - e.g. if I wanted to unselect a particular selection in bulk, how would the update process know whether me leaving a field blank meant I didn't want to update that selection, or that I actually wanted to unselect that selection from any existing records. This could be improved with some more configurability of the bulk update UI.

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Agreed. What is the point of having the multiple checkbox property available in bulk edit if it's functionality is not to append but to overwrite?