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Bulk edit send date for scheduled sequence emails

Sometimes when contacts are already enrolled in a sequence, the emails end up being schedule for a day that I'm either on vacation or it's a stat holiday.  Also, sometimes if contacts have been added to a sequence daily over a few days, too many emails end up scheduled for the same day, and an adjustment needs to be made to shift some of the emails forward by a day or two. 


Currently, to edit the date an email is being sent,  I have to go in and individually edit each contact enrollment, one by one (from Sequences - Scheduled and then edit).  

Ideally, there should be an option to select multiple contacts who are scheduled to have an email sent out, and edit the send date all at once (similarly to how task due dates can be edited in bulk).


This would save me a ton of time. 

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Why do I have to manually edit the send date one by one for each contact???  Because of weekends, days off, other sequences taking priority, and other reasons, I want to "bulk edit" when my sequence is scheduled to send to certain contacts (after they've been initially enrolled).  Similar to tasks, I want the ability to view all of my scheduled sequence emails, click a check box to select multiple recipients, and bulk change the scheduled send date.  This is crazy that I have to click edit for every single contact that needs their scheduled date modified.  That's three clicks per contact multiplied by every contact (sometimes hundreds) in a sequence that needs their scheduled date changed.


I have the same problem, especially with Memorial Day coming up I don't want to have to manually change every email scheduled to go out on Monday — it would be incredibly time consuming and frustrating. I would like to see a feature added to make this process smoother. 


^^ This answer is what brought me here. Had to update 40+ emails due to memorial day. If sequences also had a "skip holidays" checkbox in the settings that would be great too.


I agree - bulk edit would be awesome!


Yes, I would also like to see this in HubSpot. Much needed after making a mistake, or to adjust for other countries holidays.


Hubspot.. I love the promise that Sequences are presenting for outbound efforts, but having to manually update these on contact pages almost defeats the purpose of having sequences in the first place. You should 100% be able to see and edit this from the Sequence enrollment page. Please make this this a priority and keep us notified.


How is this not doable? If there's a huge update on a product/service and we need to edit messages, it's much needed.


Totally agree with all the above. Please add the feature! 🙂