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Bulk edit/add/remove blog tags

I would love the ability to bulk add, edit, or remove tags from blogs. Especially helpful during blog redesigns or restructuring your blog to be more search-friendly. Currently, you have to individually go into every post to edit a tag. 

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Agreed. Also not seing a way to do this unless you go into each one separately. Would love to be able to bulk edit blogs (specifically tags) natively on the platform.


Definitely would like this.  

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Going through this now…the feature to bulk add/remove tags would have saved me hours of work.


This would also be helpful in sorting / filtering / renaming / de duping tags inherited from previous teams; our site has gone through several iterations over the years and it seems each person did tagging differently. 


Related, the existing Blogs --> Tags list is alpha by all Initial Caps tags A to Z, then alpha by all lower case tags a to z again. Is this intentional? Like it's by ascii character instead of by usable alphabet? Thanks!


We hope to do this as well. We have at least 1000 blogs on our website and we want to overhaul our filtering by adding certain tags like specifying what Region in the United States the blogs cover. We hope to see an option where we can add a tag to multiple blogs at once (i.e. adding "All Regions" to 300 blogs at one go).

This can really be work-efficient as it saves more time for us to be able to work and improve on other optimizations needed for the blogs.

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+1 - doing this now and would save me what looks like hours of work ahead. 


+1 I really don`t want to do this manually per Blogpost!

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Definitely, a feature that is needed!


I would love this. I'd like for meta-data to be included as well. We need to change Authors from time to time and a bulk-edit feature would reduce the time spent on it very, very much.




This type of function would've been great for us. We imported over 400+ blogs from WordPress to Hubspot and the categories/tags didn't come over. It's extremely tedious having to go back to each and add Tags. If we can export a CSV file with the blogs then add tags under a different column and reimport, that would've been great.


+1  CSV file would be great. Or at least a way to quickly change the tags from the list of posts. It wouldn't be as fast a bulk upload, but it would get the job done and solve other problems along the way. See HubSpot Community - Quickly set/unset the Featured post from the list of posts (without opening the ...



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This is a much needed feature, especially for migrations from WordPress where categories and tags are combined and customers are coming in with 500+ tags that need to be managed - using the add, remove, and combine is great, but the individual posts still have to be modified one by one.


Agreed, please put this in, would save an enormous amount of time