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Bulk change of email addresses and company domain

Looking for a way to change email addresses in bulk when a company is rebranded or acquired and needs to change names and domain. Changing the domain for the company is easy, but going through and editing all 50-100 contacts is quite a pain.


In the CRM section, @karstenkoehler helped with a workaround, but I believe this should be something that doesn't require custom code or exporting and re-importing to do so.

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Looks like there is no solution when my own domain also gets rebranded..  who was a user in Hubspot and in Salesforce also - would be changed to   

The current solution is to ask "User1" to go change their email in their personal settings, I have 70+ users, not practical to expect all of them to do it in a single day.

Or invite  all over again.. in this case these 2 are totally disconnected users - with no relation.


No bulk updates - no back end over-riding available.


All the Hubspot users are created on the basis of email addresses. Lead assignments work on that too and are transferred to Salesforce on the basis of that.

all this integration goes for a toss if we don't update it properly. 


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Hey, I have the same problem, changed the email domain to a new domain, and then many users cant use the Hubspot plugin in Outlook. Trying to change it in a bulk way it's impossible because each user needs to verify the new email. I have more than 500 users to change their email it's very difficult to go one by one to get done this.


A common issue when the data is migrated from one CRM or contacts are added from an outdated list is the email domain of the contacts from a large organization. There has to be a way to bulk edit the email domains of contacts.