Bulk add and delete blog topics.

We somehow have a list of 3,700 blog topics, and need to reduce that to about 50 total. Currently this must be done with a series of clicks one at a time, which will take forever. There needs to be a bulk delete option, in which you can select multiple topics/tags and then delete them all at once.

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Instead of having to manually add each topic to blog posts, you should be able to copy/paste from a page using a set delineator to separate the topics (i.e. copy "topic1, topic2, topic3" and have each one show as a separate topic)

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This seems like an obvious add! Where we at HubSpot?

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Not sure if mgoswick/roisinkirby was trying to answer my question or raise a new issue. I still need to know how to bulk delete blog topics. Thanks.

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I'm not sure why my suggestion was combined either. These points are related, but completely different functions. Although I may have a workaround for you @SecureWorld. In blog tool, there is a way to bulk combine topics in the topics management tool. Once those topics are combined, you can delete the single topic instead of deleting them one at a time. It's a roundabout way to do it, but it's faster than one at a time.


@roisinkirby, I'm not sure why these two topics were combined, as the original question was about adding functionality to the topics management tool, while mine was about the way topics are added to blogs....

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I would go further in saying it has to be an export / Import function to make this work better.