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Bulk add & remove blogs, landing pages and website pages on the XML Sitemap

Managing XML sitemaps in HubSpot can be really time-consuming for large websites.


Given that XML sitemaps are so important in ensuring a page is crawled and indexed quickly, here are a couple of suggested ways to help us manage these more efficiently. 


Suggestion 1

We often find clients don't add a landing page to the XML sitemap after launch, because they don't realise it's not automatic like with blogs and website pages. So their content doesn't get indexed on Google quickly. However, making this automatic is also not ideal as thank you pages shouldn't be on the sitemap, because we don't want people being able to Google our downloadable content and bypass the forms. 


So a selection box when creating new content in the landing pages tool, that specifies clearly if it is a LP or a thank you page would be a good workaround. Typically, LP's get added to the XML sitemap automatically, TYPs don't.


Suggestion 2

The ability to remove pages from the XML sitemap in bulk based on them living in a specific subfolder or on a subdomain. That way if there is a section of the site not intended for search engines, we don't have to manually go and remove each page from the sitemap after it is published. 

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @JimB_Huble,


Thank you for your suggestions!  I'm going to move this post to our Ideas Forum so other users can vote and comment on it there.  


I'd love to the option for us to be able to upload our own manually generated sitemap!

Participant | Diamond Partner

Yes we need to have the ability to create subfolders for sitemap for different countries for best SEO practice. 
Please keep us posted once this function is ready for testing / launched.

Participant | Diamond Partner

Hi Team, 

How did you go with this? We need the function to create subfolders for XML files.
Any updates?