Bulk actions in Conversations Inbox

When using the Inbox feature, each item must be opened individually. Multiple selections and batch actions are not available (example for closing batch emails or assigning in bulk) 


The individual action only results is an extremely tedious and time consuming and inefficient process for managing messages through hubspot. 

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Re: Bulk actions in Conversations Inbox - changed to: In Planning
Nov 5, 2018

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 Great Idea, I have also raised this. It would make thing so much more efficient.

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In general, we love Hubspot and most if not all of the product is amazing...except shared inbox. Bulk actions are a must - without them the product is almost unusable. We'd like to move our shared inbox from GrooveHQ into Hubspot, but it would be painful to do it today...

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This would be very beneficial for our industry as well.  Once we close out jobs in our software, each job is given an invoice and they all hit our email and there is a bunch!  To delete one by one is very tough when we are busy!

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We have the same problem, and yet not a solution to this. 

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How has this not been responded to by @bsn ??? It's been nearly a year...  WE NEED THIS ANSWER! 

*Another note* - Latest comments should be on the 1st page, not the 3rd... 

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Some advice for you, Make use of tickets and change your mailbox settings to auto-create a ticket when a conversation is received.

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Already tried that, does not work @gjacobs .  @HubTrog I assume that you are from Hubspot could you give us a solution, its unacceptable that we don't have a solution for this, if not people are going to start to question the "Quality of your service". 

It has been a problem for more than a year.
¿Where is the solutions guys?

HubSpot Product Team

Hi folks - Sorry for the radio silence on our side around this issue.


Delivering this functionality is a deceptively hard engineering and design challenge. With an operation that impacts multiple threads at once, we need to update many components of the Conversations inbox, for every active inbox user's browser, instantly, while they are actively interacting with the data being changed, in a performant way, without confusing users through behavior like "all the threads in this list suddenly changed or disappeared!"


We do hear your feedback and see the need for this update. We are actively working on delivering this functionality and expect it to be available in the next month!

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"Next Month!" Smiley Happy 

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Yea, just do this please!


We would like to be able to mark 200 emails/conversations and mark them as closed!

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I agree.


I'm switching to ZOHO.

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You promise to the community an answer in a month, we still waiting for an answer after 3 weeks... this is unacceptable. Could you give us a solution ? 


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This is a joke.  This is basic functionality Hubspot.  We're not launching the space-shuttle here people...just want to bulk delete some conversations.  It makes inbox extremely unusable.  Going back to Zendesk. 

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Like a Bulk Delete button? Yes! Yes! Yes!


So annoying that I need to delete these conversations one at a time. Also annoying that all of our invoices, which we copy to ourselves so that we have records, are in this conversation inbox and we cannot just get rid of the hundreds with a few clicks and then one massive "delete". C'mon Hubspot!


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Does anyone know how long this issue has been in planning stage?  

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thumb up, in our case it starts to be a critical problem 😕 

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Yes, please!  The current inbox is extremely inefficient. 

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This really needs to be implemented. I feel this is a major oversight on HubSpot's end. 

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+1 for this please