Bulk actions in Conversations Inbox


When using the Inbox feature, each item must be opened individually. Multiple selections and batch actions are not available (example for closing batch emails or assigning in bulk) 


The individual action only results is an extremely tedious and time consuming and inefficient process for managing messages through hubspot. 

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Re: Bulk actions in Conversations Inbox - changed to: In Planning
Nov 5, 2018

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YES! The current Inbox implementation is very basic, making it unusable for anything more than a simple messaging system.

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Wow, no updates from Hubspot on this matter - too bad as this inefficently designed feature greatly increases my daily stress and reduces my satisfaction with HubSpot.

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This is one of the many, many frustrations that my team have with the the inbox.  

As well as being able to bulk close or assign emails we need to be able to bulk delete. We have automated process that fire an email in different cirumstances and it is really tedious to have to delete all of these individually once they have been reviewed.

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I also need this. It is something that will have a big impact in productivity.


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I think this is a major improvement for productivity, select & action (delete, fwd, etc) on a list of emails.


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100% agree! Please add this to the Inbox!

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I agree, I think everyone needs this functionality (including us)!

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Hey Hubspot! Enough attention on this common sense "idea" to warrant implementation? 


It's been over 4 months since releasing the incomplete feature; maybe it's time to listen to your customers and give them something useful instead of ignoring the matter.


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Backing this up. Email has been around for a long long time. This is so basic that it baffles me that its not there as a feature.

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 We need this feature as well. We hooked up our email address about a month or two before we were ready to switch to HubSpot completely, now we have a huge backlog of emails that have already been addressed. 

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Agreed! I'm going through the onboarding and this is utilising a lot of my time rather than using this time to learn the system

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Yes, the ability to bulk delete conversations is a must.  One-at-a-time is an extremely frustrating design.

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We want to be able to close multiple conversations in Inbox. We have over 1,600 conversations, which would be very difficult to close one at a time.

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Absolutely need the ability to batch close live chats please. Please please please!

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team
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I have the same problem as most who commented here, we started feeding emails into Hubspot a month ago and now we need to cleas hundreds of emails that have been attended to in gmail an not in Hubspot. 


Please add this bulk feature as soon as possible. This is a pretty basic funktion that all email inboxes offer and I think it should have been a no brainer everyone would need it. Without it it's very time consuming for us to move over to using hubspot and archiving so many emails individually 

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I agree completely. 

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This is killing us not having bulk actions (specifically delete).  We get so many email conversations per day (sometimes hundreds) and not being able to check a box and delete multiple emails at once is painfully slow.  Please fix this!!

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Please make this update, it makes the inbox basically unusable and overly cumbersome. At least a workaround would be great

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Any update from HubSpot on this. We recently hooked our info@ email address up to an Inbox and now there is no practical way of deleting all the Spam messages that come in to there. Yes, they all get nicely moved into the Filtered list. But no, I can't then just bulk select or say "empty spam" and get rid of them all.


+1 for this idea.